At DieMax of Rochester, our OPTIMax line of tooling is the most advanced line of tooling ideal for customers running more complex jobs on their die-cutters.

OPTIMax Capabilities:

OPTIMax Knifed Dies
OPTIMax line of knifed dies are best suited for those jobs requiring higher tolerances for +/- .005” products. Additionally, these dies match our line of steel counters and combi-counters. Materials include Duracore, Duraply and Polycore and can give you durability and stability with the ability to re-knife many times.

OPTIMax Combi-Counters and Steel Counters
This line can yield traditional 1mm steel counter plate made from Premium Bobst Plates. With our exclusive Combi-Counter, we can give you an accurate cutting surface with a Phenolic insert for a lower cost—but all the same attributes as a steel counter. We recommend these systems to run with in-line embossing so you can do it all in one pass.

OPTIMax Optifit Embossing
Our signature in-line embossing system designed so that the press operator has the ability to quickly and accurately adjust the register of each embossed area directly to the printing. Additionally, they can quickly add or delete pressure of each embosser to get perfect depth for that pop factor to make the embossing stand out.

OPTIMax CLAWPOINT Pressure Strippers
Clawpoint Pressure Strippers are matched to the die, die nicks, each other and the press to ensure that you get optimal stripping at high press speeds with fewer stoppage because of sheet breakup. Our CLAWPOINT system removes most, if not all, need for a bottom pin at each stripped piece. We build in restrictions to pressurize the waste area and make it explode through the female stripper. The male stripping pins are multi-pointed to stab and secure the waste so it will not move out of position until it is cleared away by the female tool.

OPTIMax CleanStrip Lower Pin Fixture
The CleanStrip Lower Pin Fixture is ideal when you need to run bottom pins for specific shapes, can’t get the standard press pins to fit closely together or can’t use a pressure stripper. Our designers can create a bottom fixture made from aircraft aluminum that your standard pins screw into and then mounts to your press using standard bar set ups. It allows areas of drop out for the waste to clear itself away once stripped.

OPTIMax Male & Female Blankers
At DieMax, we believe that the BSI Angle Lock System is the best on the market and the foundation that we build our blankers around. Whether you need a simple grid insert or a complex flat-top unit this system, combined with our design expertise our male and female blankers are unparalleled in the industry. Additionally, we have an on-staff expert that has experience running blanking presses, as well as design and build skills to help you quickly and accurately mount in your press.

To learn more about our OPTIMax line of tooling products at DieMax of Rochester, contact us today or request a quote.

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